Blind dates Sydney are fantastic, fabulous and phenomenal at Top Matchmaker!

Here at Top Matchmaker we have a Blind Dinner Date Service. Our elite matchmakers will match you with a date, and a questionnaire will be given to you so we can start the process of finding a suitable match that you can spend a lovely dinner with. We also ask you to submit a self-tape with the questionnaire introducing yourself – just tell us what you are looking for in a partner as well as something funny or what makes you happy or smile.

As you both invest in a dinner, both of you will surely turn up (avoiding the whole “ghosting” thing which is so common in the current dating scene).

Our elite matchmakers will match you based on age preference, similar interests, locations, similar values, any religion, culture and expectations on what you see as a perfect match.  

Our Blind Dates will include specific details of the restaurant and dress code. There is a 3-course menu (according to your dietary requirements) in a classy venue, with great food and elegant ambience in a location suitable for both of you.    

If for any reason the date is not going well, you can contact our professional matchmakers.   

The Blind Dinner Date Service is for those who really want a meaningful conversation and experience; no effort is required on your part, but to only turn up and enjoy a delicious meal with someone who also wants to find a match.

Blind Dinner Date fees: $95.00 per person (includes 3 course meal and one drink on arrival, a pre-arranged date who has been hand-picked for you).

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