Speeding dating  Melbourne  is fun at Top Matchmaker!

Here at Top Matchmaker we believe in old-school dating and romance, where people conversate in person without any technology. No phones, no apps, no worries. You are fully present while talking to someone genuine. 😊  

Top Matchmaker has the best speed dating events in Sydney. We have chosen locations that create a romantic and safe ambience via Sydney City speed dating, Inner City Newtown speed dating, West Parramatta speed dating and Sydney South Cronulla speed dating.   


10 men and 10 women are personally selected by our professional matchmakers. You have 8 minutes with each person before one of our hosts lets you know when to move to the next table: men will do the moving and women will stay seated as you encounter your next date. At the end of the dates, our hosts will tally up the cards to see who you would like to be matched with. If 2 people have chosen each other, we will notify both of you the day after the event with contact details so you can arrange your second date. Or you may want to use Top Matchmaker’s Blind Date Service where we will arrange the perfect date for you.

Top Matchmaker loves the old-fashioned values, i.e. you dress up on a date; you don’t need to buy a new outfit but just make an effort. We believe that external radiance is backed up by internal confidence.

On arrival you will be given a free complimentary sparkling, wine or beer before we start our introductory speech from one of our Hosts as we get you all relaxed, with your hearts and minds open to receive love and communicate in that manner.  A rose on each table, light music flowing and roving canapes. 

In life, you either wait or create. Instead of waiting for opportunities to arise and wasting your precious time, why not proactively create opportunities for yourself? It’s time for you to take action and meet your match <click here for events close to you>

Age groups for speed dating events:  20-35 years     30-45 years     35-50 years      40-55 years     55+

Ticket fees: $45 per person (including a drink on arrival and canapes)

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